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I had a fantastic time, even if I did my usual thing and lurked away in the corner and avoided talking to anyone. Really, I enjoyed everyone’s company. It wasn’t you…it was me.

The low point of the weekend was my flash dying on Saturday morning, I was about as pissed as this as you’d imagine. The motor that moves the light back and forward has died, powering the flash up gives a wonderfully Martian-esque clacking noise. Fie. It’s gone in for repair and I hope to have it back in a few weeks or so.

The high point was meeting some other boardies, having a great time, and crawling around haunted chapels and having weird stuff happen. Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing everyone else’s photos after I got home and comparing the various styles of different people. I think my photos probably say more about the trip than any words would, so I’ll skip to my three favourite photos:

The ballroom of Charleville Castle The top of the main stairwell The ruined chapel

The first was taken Charleville’s ruined chapel (if anyone else who was there has photos of the chapel, I’d love to see them) and er, feature the stained glass windows as its focus.

Third-floor landing by the nursery
Infrared of the annex chapel
Astro stacking from the castle grounds
Infrared overlooking annex
Kitchen yard infrared
Ruined annex chapel


in ireland

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