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Telephony isn’t a huge deal for me, partly because I harbour a terrible anxiety about phoning strangers, and partly because emailing, instant messaging, tweeting or even calling around to talk in person is so much more convenient.

However it is still important to maintain a phone connection for both employer and emergency family contacts, although I don’t necessarily need a mobile handset in the majority of occasions – truth be told I treated my cellphone as a glorified Gameboy, mainly using it to play Tetris and listen to music, which are both duties taken over by my iPod. :) I listened to voicemail, returned the call at my leisure. Phoned the kids in the U.S.A.

So. Back to the cute logo at the top of the post. Tonight I signed up with Blueface, an Irish VOIP/SIP provider. Considering my usual level of phone use, I’m now paying ten euros a month for a voice mailbox that I can access through a browser.

I’m still puzzling out the specifics of just what I can do with this service, but if, in the interim, you want to test my voicemail by calling me. Drop me a mail if you want the numbers. :)

March 20

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