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I have offered myself up as a virgin sacrifice speaker at Friday’s coming Ignite the West event, hosted (of course) at 091 Labs. For the majority of people completely unfamiliar with the format of Ignite, it is a five-minute long public talk accompanied by a slideshow presentation. Twenty slides. Fifteen seconds per slide. Get it out, get it out quickly. According to O’Reilly, Ignite kicked itself off in Seattle in 2006 before going global. The O’Reilly article is awash with positive buzzwords, but concisely informative beyond that. Go, go now and read.

My own talk, Privacy: The great white whale, is about 75% finished. I need to polish off four slides, do a dry run and maybe revise. I have been accused of hypocrisy in the creation of this presentation: In it I espouse abject paranoia and distrust for anyone and everything on the Internet while at the same time I keep an open dialogue about my own life. I’m complex and layered. Like an onion. There are lots of them and I make you cry. I can hold one belief simultaneously with the defense of a conflicting one, just like a seasoned politician.
The talk is laconic in tone and firmly tongue-in-cheek; I’ve done my best to use graphics to bring out the humour of the situation on the Internet. Here is the title card:

Ignite the West takes place this Friday night, September 10, beginning at 8pm, at 091 Labs.

March 20

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