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Spacetrawler is one of the newest and most perversely funny webcomics currently out there on the Internet. Started on January 1 of this year (2010) by Christopher Baldwin, a former MAD Magazine illustrator. The comic, bluntly, is all fucked up, with a cast who includes coyote-eating survivalist, a sleazy Russian who will sleep with anyone (or thing) and everyone’s favourite, Gurf the lovable idiot from planet Bam Bam.

Framed as a flashback narrated by Nogg, captain of the titular space trawler, as he explains the death of one his plucky crew of humans to her father, Spacetrawler is an epic space epic of love, betrayal, revenge and small little green aliens called Eeebs who have immense intelligence but no willpower. As said above, humour is frequently all fucked up and never short of hilarious.

Go, go now and read.

Happy Dissonance

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March 20

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