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Straight from my message to the 091 Labs mailing list, slightly edited for context: This is The Official Announcement for a four-twelve week photographic course that will try to blitz through the basic portions of digital and film photography, film development, digital post-processing, print preparation and (online) presentation. Roughly and somewhat sardonically, the modules are listed below. Some modules may take more than one week to complete; contrariwise, we might cover more than one module in a given week.

  • What the buttons on your camera do.
  • Writing light: A photographic history of photography’s history.
  • That magic triangle: Aperture, ISO and shutter speed.
  • A tripod, or: I depend on you because you depend on me.
  • Shooting posture: Hold it straight and focus.
  • M stands for “Manual”. * Technical composition.
  • Creative composition.
  • Bringing out The Gimp: Post-processing with the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • Self-help: RTFM and go Google it.
  • Will somebody think of the children: Legalities and discretion in twenty-first century photography.
  • Dark nights in a dark room: Film development and scanning.
  • Teh pretties: Digital printing, analogue printing and mounting.
  • Nobody likes swans: Photo appreciation.
  • Setting up, populating and managing an online photo-presence. The module list might expand or shrink, and I’m very much open and welcoming to any other contributors. I am personally hoping to segue from the Linux course into the photography course, and certainly I’m hoping to start having material ready by/for a tentative start date of October 19.

Film development.
I’ve had a certain amount of interest expressed in creating a film darkroom here at the Labs, and personally I think it is something that we can include as a separate paid module. If ten people chip in twenty euros (€20) a head I am confident I can supply:

  • Film. Twenty rolls (total) of Ilford HP5 400 ASA 35mm.
  • Suitable developing chemicals for the above.
  • Suitable ancillary supplies to all two people to develop simultaneously.
  • Film negative scanner.
  • Image enlarger for analogue printing. At the end of this 091 Labs would be left with a functioning dark room.

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