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It isn’t very often that I feel like I’m better off than someone else, but fuck me, the guy who sat behind me on the Galway bus tonight takes the entire fucking packet of biscuits.

  1. Married at 19 (knocked his girlfriend up).
  2. Had 5 kids with her before they split.
  3. Had 2 more girlfriends. And a child with each.
  4. Oldest child is 9, which makes him about 28-29.
  5. And, you know, a kid every 15 months or so ((12*9)/7).
  6. You know – if you consider that a pregnancy is 38 weeks, and you have to wait at least six weeks before you can get pregnant again, that means his wife/girlfriend was pregnant again within six months* after having the last one. Holy. Fucking. Baby canon.

So the guy went on to bitch that he’s pretty much homeless because he drinks whatever isn’t taken away for child support. I so very badly wanted to go back and time and buy the fucker a pack of condoms for his eighteenth birthday. And maybe clip him around the ear too.

*Assume a month is 30 days and change (365/12 = 30.416666667). Call it four weeks. He had a child every 60 weeks (15 months*4). Subtract 38 for the pregnancy and 6 for recovery. That gives her a 16 week period to get knocked up.

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March 20

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