The Cliffoney photowalk of Thunderous Fury, February 25-26

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Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February, 2012.

Cliffoney, Co. Sligo, Ireland. We are situated beside the N15 road right on the outskirts of Cliffoney as you approach the village from Sligo town. (54.428231,-8.458785)

€10, payable by Monday February 20, 2012. I accept PayPal and Google Wallet payments. How do I reserve my place? Pay the deposit fee or let me know either here or via email.

Cliffoney pint

What should I bring?
A sleeping bag, a tent, weather-appropriate clothing and your camera gear. If the weather is anything like it was last September then “weather appropriate” should be read as “warm, layered and with strong footwear”. It helps me out a lot if you bring (and clean :p) your own plates and cutlery. I have plenty on hand here to use, but it simply reduces my logistical overhead if I have less dishes to fret about.

Tell me more…
Dun dun dunnnnnn. Yes, again. A spring walk to match the autumn one, although I doubt that the weather will have changed all that much in the intervening five months. Alright, some of you were at the last photowalk, and some of you undoubtedly be new faces. Here’s the gig:

  1. Turn up Saturday, and have a delicious lunch.
  2. We visit somewhere in the locale and stop into a pub.
  3. Come back, have dinner.
  4. Go somewhere else. Where, exactly, depends entirely on the temperament of the weather on that night. There are ruins in the area for light painting, and if the weather cooperates we have gloriously dark skies.
  5. Then we sleep.
  6. The next morning is breakfast. There is no set schedule, and indeed the whole point of the weekend is for some photographers to get together and relax.

The menu of thunderous fury!
As of today (January 11) the menu is somewhat provisional. Alternate dishes will be offered based upon any given allergies and any professed aversions.

  • Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup, served with white and brown breads.
  • Dinner: A Mexican-style buffet. Savoury taco beef and beef chili served on corn tortillas wraps. Toppings include fresh salsa, guacamole, cheese sauce, refried bean dip, pickled jalapenos, iceberg lettuce and sour cream. This meal will be both savoury and strongly-spiced. I will have alternatives in place for those who aren’t up to the task. Dessert will be ice cream and brownies supplied by a local friend. Toppings include chocolate and strawberry sauce, wafers and whipped-cream-in-a-can. Bring your own alcohol.
  • Breakfast: Tentatively fried potatoes, bacon and eggs. Fast, easy to cook food that’s full of delicious unhealthiness to get your arses out the door.

A special request:
This might strike some as an odd request, but I need one person to bring an electric kettle. A significant choke point last September was in getting everyone a hot cup of tea/coffee in hand on the Sunday morning. An extra kettle will go a long way to relieving the congestion.

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