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I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, and likewise wound down several other social accounts. While, sadly, there isn’t much I can do about the information in those accounts. At this point, the only two profiles I’ve purposefully kept are for Intstagram and YouTube-Instagram because it serves my stream of photographs, and YouTube because there are videos of the kids uploaded there for posterity.

Did I mention World of Warcraft too? I unsubscribed too, and took the unprecedented steps of deleting my interface profiles-all of my macros, keybinds, and UI choices are gone, and it will highly difficult to replace or recreate them. I felt that WoW was too much of a comfortable distraction. I’m an apex battleground killer on Masserah, and it’s honestly become too easy for me to just log in, join an anonymous oQueue group, and blast newbies for a few hours. It’s gratifying, easy, and completely mindless; I’ve done it inebriated, and all I’ve really noticed is that I’m less likely to talk when I’m under the influence.

I don’t even talk to people in the video game; I fly around, I gank, I mine, I kill rares, and I player kill, day in, and night out. Blizzard are remarkably insidious in freely offering me one more reason to log in, but there isn’t real any advantage given-the arena season is going to last six months, there will be another catch-up period in patch 5.5, and beyond finishing my two Sky Golems, I don’t have any real reason to log into the video game for more than five minutes until my account expires on October 17.

I bitch loudly and regularly at myself that I am incapable of changing, because I haven’t changed. So there. Changes.

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