Oh happy days

in world of warcraft

[P] [Aorien-Und]: u want to use vent?
[PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: im in askype witha friend
[PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: shouoldnt nee if were not retared lol
[PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: need
[P] [90:Masserah]: *we’re *shouldn’t *retarded
[P] [Aorien-Und]: oh i know. i just meant for fun
[P] [90:Masserah]: I already feel unsafe
[PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: ?
[P] [90:Masserah]: You can’t even spell retarded
[PL] [90:Kimbö-Sha]: relax..
[PL] [90:Kimbö-Sha]: lolz
You leave the group.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

in me

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