I only wanted to help :(

in world of warcraft

[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have some gold
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yes, I do, thank you for the offer though. :)
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have ?
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yep, like 100k
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: can u give me
W From] [64:Lemexor]: plsss
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: I could spare you, like, 1 copper
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: no47
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: no
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: What about 2 coppers?
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: no
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: So you don’t want anything from me then? Grand!
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: gold not copper
[W To] [64:Lemexor]: Ah, well I could give you a gold, but only 1 copper at a time.
[W From] [64:Lemexor]: fuk u

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

in me

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