Caira’s Christmas letter

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This will be sent along with a package on Monday:


Mo iníon. :) I hope this letter finds both yourself and Garrett happy and in good health. How is school? Have you made many friends? I’ve been told that you are the top of your class! Caira, I am, as always, very proud of you for how intelligent you are.

I’m sorry that I missed Christmas, and the presents for both yourself and your brother. My cat Killer (do you remember her? She was the white cat with stripes) got very sick in December, and had to be taken to the vet. She had mites on her skin, and your grandma here gave her some food that made Killer get sick everywhere.

Killer is a lot better now, but the vet cost a lot of money, and it is only now that I can send you both presents. There are a few bits and pieces for both of you, but the book in particular should have your attention.

My dad wasn’t around for me, Caira, any more than I can be around for you, but one of the few things he managed to instill in me was a deep love of space and science. If your mum has a love of the microcosm-biology, life, people-all of the fine details too small for the human eye to see, then I love the planets and stars and asteroids that are too far away to see or visit without help.

The book is a valuable collector’s item that I found on the bottom shelf in a used book store. I feel that you are old enough now to be trusted with it, and I hope that you will take care of it. The book is old, older than your mum or I. It is 40 years old this year!

Caira, I love you, I wish you the best, and I hope you stay on the top of your class!


March 20

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