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Okay, wow. This was fun. I want to either change the blog’s appearance-new name, new theme-or build an entirely separate portfolio website for my graphic and whatever else work for the purpose of work. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs both here in Galway and elsewhere around the country, and a consistent request is for a portfolio. Why not, I reason, just build one myself? I have the skills, I am (reasonably) intelligent, and I know how to learn in a self-directed manner.

I sat down Saturday and, on the advice of Alanna and others, jumped right into jQuery, and immediately I began to be impressed by quality of the framework. I had been afraid to touch JavaScript. Everyone seemed verbose, and the amount of work needed high. jQuery was pity and fast.

The first task I set myself was to build the container framework for the mocked-up landing page. I wanted:

  1. Four CSS content columns of even width.
  2. Each column separated by an even margin.
  3. The parent container in turn separated from the viewport sides by the same margin.
  4. These margins should be constant no matter how the page is resized.

I didn’t care too much about vertical margins as the overflow would be hidden.

Three hours work to learn jQuery through some throwaway scripts, another three to correctly express the end I wanted programmatically, and then one hour to clean and reduce code.

Redesign Photoshop mockup
jQuery and CSS in Sublime Text
The final framework page

March 20

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