I am going to shutter my Flickr account

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I haven’t used Flickr since late 2010, except for a brief dump of Instagram shots that I later rolled back. Flickr is a showcase service, and not a storage service like S3/Glacier, which is of more use to me right now. I would either put photographs on Facebook, where friends and family can see them, or put them on the blog for posterity’s sake. I don’t really need “C&C feedback” anymore; I know what I want to shoot, when I want to shoot it, and how I want to shoot it.

I pulled down every photograph to my desktop through the “Flickr to Share” service:

  1. Add all of your photographs to one set and mark them available to download.
  2. Download that set through Flickr to Share.

I dumped about one hundred onto Facebook; photos from America, old photowalks, and people now long gone. There are years of assorted grim-faced selfies and a even a few photographs I had genuinely thought deleted and lost forever. I put about one hundred choice photos on Facebook last night, and it’s likely these same photographs that I’ll backdate.

March 20

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Happy Dissonance

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