Learning Sass and re-designing the site

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I’m moving to Sass for my CSS. I tried, but didn’t enjoy, DRY. The principles of DRY are sounds, and there are countless use cases and successful stories, but the philosophy doesn’t fit my needs. Plus, honestly, if I have to refactor my CSS and learn a new skill, I would rather learn Sass first. I can learn the philosophy as I learn the tool.

I’ve been prompted in this by the appearance of the website. I don’t feel comfortable with it anymore. I like clean and white typography, but that doesn’t reflect what I want… Last week I added the <pre> style I created for Alanna (example block here) to the site. I found that the colours were a better reflection of what I wanted than coal grey, blood red, and white.

So redesign and Sass.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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