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I recently returned to a healing alt character in World of Warcraft, and I’ve come up with some useful and multifunctional macros to share. I have mild RSI in my right arm that was exacerbated by click-targeting, so to prevent problems I moved the bulk of my abilities to @mouseover macros, with fallback for self-targeting.

BindPad is used to manage and directly keybind macros. I copy Arthas/Masserah’s WTF folder to a new character, and it has sometimes caused problems and deleted macros. BindPad stores macros separately to the WTF folder, and allows me to quickly import and set up profiles regardless of server or character.

Mount macro: bound to x

/dismount [mounted]
/cast [mod:shift] Ghost Wolf
/cast [mod:alt,@mouseover,help,exists,nodead] Water Walking
/cast [mod:alt] Water Walking
/cast [nomod,swimming] Abyssal Seahorse
/castrandom [nomod,flyable] Ashes of Al'ar, Onyxian Drake, Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent, Armored Red Dragonhawk
/castrandom [nomod] Raven Lord, Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, Vicious War Wolf, Swift Zulian Panther, Ashhide Mushan Beast

This is my mount-movement macro. I recall my pet, with shift jump into Ghost Wolf, with alt cast Water Walking, and with nomod I cast an area-appropriate mount: Swimming? Seahorse. Flying? Ashes et al. Battleground? Ground mount. If you use a Death Knight you substitute Path of Frost for Water Walking, or Dispersion or Angelic Feather for Ghost Wolf as a Priest.

Target macro: Bound to tab


As an Enhancement Shaman, in a brawl I only care about those other players I can reach. Tab targeting in World of Warcraft works as follows:

  1. Target the closest player/monster directly in front of the player.
  2. Pick the next target from players/monsters in a widening cone in front of the player. The cone is roughly 90° wide-45° to the left and 45° to the right.

This macro skips step 2, so tab target will only ever pick the closest player to my character.

Friendly and hostile purge: shift + d

/cast [harm,nodead,exists] Purge
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead,exists] Cleanse Spirit
/cast Cleanse Spirit

Shaman have both offensive and defensive purge abilities. This firstly cleanses the hostile target, then a friendly @mouseover target, then finally a friendly target.

Friendly healing: bound to f

/cast [@mouseover,help,exists,nodead] Healing Surge
/cast Healing Surge

Just as with purging, when I get five Maelstrom Weapon stacks I need to throw out heals to my teammates and I. This heals my mouseover target, and falls back to healing myself.

Although these are only a few macros, hopefully they give you an idea of how to macro and combine spells and abilities in a manner that is RSI-friendly!

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