Operation: Break the Site III

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A less-bad home page

Between my last post and today I admittedly did piss-all with the site and left a good chunk of it in a woefully broken state. I sat down today and got a huge chunk of work done:

  • I added a new comment layout (see here).
  • Returned all meta content to post footers.
  • Re-enabled comment input and display.
  • Changed header menus into dynamic WordPress menus.
  • Rewrote pagination, commentform, related posts and header to all use flex-based display.
  • Updated partials and mixin files.
  • Changed related posts to fetch random recent posts to fill out roster if there’s a lack.
  • Rewrote header nav menu to dynamically change colour based on window scroll state.
  • Header will now dynamically output post title.
  • Fixed site title display.
  • Added flexbox container for side-by-side post image display.
  • …and more!


  • Add new code highlighter.
  • Expand on site title display.
  • Searchform and search results display.
  • General archives template for tags, dates and categories.

As always, you can pull the theme from GitHub.

March 20

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