Day out in Dublin

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I had a crap week, so I hopped on the bus to Eadaoin last night. Thanks for the magic of my new cellphone I photographed today’s wander around Dublin:

Eadaoin on Sunday morningEadaoin photographing trees at Trinity College

We walked from Eadaoin’s house over to the UCD campus at Belfield, got trapped by heavy rain and took a bus into town to the Science Gallery, where our friend Sinead is helping Tog hackerspace at the Science Gallery’s exhibiton on lifelogging.

Sinead recorded Eadaoin’s brain waves over ten minutes using a Linux-powered USB recorder (open source hooooo \o/). This was a pretty amazing exhibition; not only did it give a slice into the life of those who record every moment of it, but Tog had great outreach by allowing you to record and print a model of your brain waves.

Eadaoin and I wandered over to Avoca after, and then home. I worked on a client site while she napped. Great lazy day, a++, would do again.

March 20

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Happy Dissonance

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