Operation Break the Site V

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AKA “Who’s left to care?”

While the front-end appearance of the site hasn’t changed too much since the March update, the back-end appearance certainly has. I’ve pushed about eighty commits to Sheepie in the past few days with the goal of refactoring the code and bringing it to a higher standard:

  1. I renamed the theme to Sheepie, after Garrett’s favourite toy as a toddler.
  2. Completely rewrote the CSS. I moved it to decimal units that compile to rem, with a px fallback. Works great: the site very easily scales and a lot of my headaches about margins and padding went away. A++, would recommend.
  3. Changed the last outliers of elements to flexbox.
  4. Added GPL and MIT license boilerplate to all the things!
  5. Removed dependence on JavaScript for many functional elements. The only part of the theme that now depends on JavaScript are code blocks marked up by highlight.js, and they fall back gracefully to white text on black.
  6. Look left (or maybe above if you’re on a small screen)! Vector sprite icons for all the peoples through all the days!

I undertook all of this effort because I needed to prototype a major work project on a smaller scale, and also because will be on the hunt for work in Dublin soon. I needed to have a decently-sized project up on GitHub showing the scope of what I know: my code standards, style and depth of knowledge of CSS and JavaScript among others.

And with that noted, I’ll also warn that the search functionality is broken and archives lack features:

  • Search is utterly broken.
  • Pages are broken.
  • The pagination counter only correctly works on the main index loop.
  • There may be scrolling problems on Android and iOS mobile devices, but I think I have that licked.
  • The site still lacks good intra-section navigation (think: navigation within either archives or search results).
  • I found a bug in Firefox. Thanks, Obama.

March 20

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