The accidental 15k walk

in ireland


Eadaoin and Sandymount Strand Looking back at the Pigeon House Poolbeg Lighthouse

Eadaoin and I went for an accidental fifteen kilometre walk on Saturday. In inappropriate gear, no less. “…wait, what?” I hear you sputter in consternation. Yes, it was dumb — I was dumb, to not grasp the length. So, in short, we decided to walk from Blackrock to Poolbeg Lighthouse by way of Strandybeach Mount (or whatever it is called) in total ignorance of the distance. Turns out the walk from the main road to Poolbeg Lighthouse alone is six kilometres, and our walk up the beach was a further eight. In shitty knockoff Converse shoes with no support.

My back came away all fucked.


in ireland

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