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Alanna and Casey came down last night. What a night it was! We had coffee in Clement & Pekoe, sushi and ramen next door in Kokoro and a round of pints at the Brew Dock. Then we went back to Dundrum for homebrewed mead on the couch. On Talbot Street saw two scumbags fighting (or maybe they were mating?) while we were out in search of a fictional pub. Weatherspoons, a giant English pub chain, plan to open a franchise in Dublin. It’s Coming Soon™. Some jackhole already has it tagged on Google Maps, so the three of us wandered around like idiots for twenty minutes on Amiens Street. Thanks.

Breakfast this morning was in Sophie’s on the roof of The Dean hotel on Harcourt Steet, before we went shopping around town.

Eadaoin noms at the Dublin Cookie Company on Thomas StreetMe on Thomas Street

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

in me

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