Race Report: DLR Bay 10k 2018

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Anxious pre-race face
Myself with my medal after the run
Running route and timing per Fitbit
  • Time: 00:47:07
  • Distance: 10.00km
  • Pace: 00:04:43/km
  • Finished: 223/1229 (18/100 normalised)

Previous race: Kinvara Rock and Road 10k 2018.

In comparing my experience on the DLR Bay Run with the Kinvara Rock and Road, I get the feeling of being prepared. For the DLR Bay Run I followed a running schedule, watched what I ate, and arrived fed and rested on the morning.

As an experience, I have impressions of up, down, straight, feet, and cheers, the finish gate, my medal in hand. Every runner deals with runs in their own way; in Running with the Kenyans for example, Adharanand Finn talks about how he fell back on the love for his children. I away in my head and focus on my feet and breathing, pace and form. It’s a mostly internal flow of thoughts punctuated with vignette moments of outside. Have I kept pace? What the kerb! Have I extended enough? When’s the next hill? Can I pass these other runners?

As a result: training pays off. Time and hard work on the road every day pays off. My pace per kilometre went down by 37 seconds. Even though I know these gains don’t persist, it felt incredible to finish higher in a bigger race.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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