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Bullock Harbour
Colliemore Harbour

My plan to cycle to work didn’t pan out in the end the office doesn’t have a shower. The best case for my commute became that I arrived in the kind of puddle of sweat that you can’t fix with a toweling off and a change of clothes.

Heading home from Shankill on the Dart

With that established, I’ve made it a point to get on and get out whenever I can. Running helped me to realise a few months ago that every stupid urge I ever had to go boiled down to a claustrophobic urge to be out from under the roof. It doesn’t matter how I move as long as I move. Long runs up to 20k mostly fill that role. Mostly-there are times when the sheer boredom of a long road run makes me not want to go.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t sit still after work so I pulled out the bike and headed off to shop in Dundrum. Dundrum turned into Sandymount, turned into Blackrock, turned into… you see where I’m going here. I followed the road right down the coast to Shankill through a gorgeous stormy sunset, where I caught the train back home.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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