Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) 2018 10k, Reykjavik

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  • Date: 2018-09-29
  • Time: 00:46:52
  • Distance: 10km
  • Pace: 00:04:39/km
  • Finished: 57/188 (30/100 normalised)

Previous race: SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon

My chip time for the run makes this run a new personal best, beating out the DLR Bay 10k finish by 15 seconds!

The Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) run seems to be an annual community in Reykjavik. This year’s route, a there-and-back loop by the sea around the Kársnes peninsula, was shared by the 5k and 10k races.

The Icelandic language barrier intimidated me, because I’m an anxious traveller. The lovely locals made me welcome and at ease. Even in a local crowd I could pick out snippets of English. So, Reykjavik in October is fucking cold, as the city sits on the ocean. The wind off the water cut right through my leggings and top before I warmed up.

The course was on a pedestrian track around the shore, so the worst I had to watch out for were morning walkers. I enjoyed flat, fast run to and back from the turnaround. The worst I have to say is that I sprained my ankle in a bad way, which had a knock-on effect later in the week. It wound up so bad that I had to cancel a planned hike on Wednesday. I could hardly walk down the street, let alone up a bloody mountain!

Super awesome, fun run, one I’m going do again next October. Iceland. 💖

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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