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The one rule I have kept to with this blog since the first day has been: write only when I feel like it. If the mood doesn’t take me, then I don’t. Well, truth be told here, the mood hasn’t taken me in some months.

The first and big obvious reason for not writing has been how busy I am:

  • A move to Galway.
  • Two half marathons and injuries and trying to maintain a vegetarian diet while running.
  • A growing relationship with someone new and awesome in my life.
  • Work, including trips back to the office in Dublin.
  • Many new and great books to read.

My life keeps me going even as it is not a morass of stress and busyness. Given that I work from home, the last thing I want to do after a day at my desk is spend more hours at my desk writing or playing videos games.

And as well, I’m out there trying to figure out where I fit. The last round of therapy left me with a profound sense of detachment and burnout. It dislodged my fear, the need to keep everyone away and myself safe, instead leaving burnout. It has left to fight to find the desire to engage with others, to reach out and make new connections. After everything, I’m happy to heal alone now.

So that’s me, running and enjoying the new summer with somebody wonderful.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

in me

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