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Monday, ugh. With my yoke mounted atop my back, I wearily returned to work after my stunningly stunning completely awesome two-day weekend.


My Monday. I read this thread, made my obligatory smartass reply and immediately started obsessing over writing smartass eulogies for everyone I know. He was a magnificent son of a bitch, I’ll say at a funeral ten (or twenty) years from today. I pissed about on Facebook, emailed friends and otherwise did work during those quiet moments when I wasn’t otherwise goofing off. After the end of my work day, I limped around on sore feet between a rich variety of bus stops and finally came home and had my beloved three-year old daughter tell me that I need to take a shower because I’m fat and smelly. THANK YOU MUMMY FOR PUTTING WORDS IN CAIRA’S MOUTH.

First comes shower time. Second comes dinner time. Trailing in third place comes upload photos time at

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