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whenever I build a new fortress in Minecraft, it is my standard procedure to clearcut all of the trees immediately adjacent to said fortress. Having a Creeper leap out from behind a a tree trunk and uncontrollably asplode all over me is…well, it is always an unpleasantly moist experience. So I chop down the trees. I burn the remaining brush with my trusty flint and steel. What I have never banked on is to leave and come back into the world a few hours later, fresh from from laying down two junctions of my slipgate network in the Nether, to discover the entire fucking valley is on fire:

I probably shouldn't have started that fire

I ordinarily wouldn’t even consider this a noteworthy experience in a video game, except it stands as a fantastic example of just what makes Minecraft so addictive: Unexpected consequences. I set the fire, the fire spread. I slipped back into the world to find the leather, ham, arrows, feathers, and gunpowder of a hundred dead mobs carpeting the ground beneath the conflagration. The screenshot given above doesn’t really give you any idea of the scale of the destruction, nor of my efforts to fight it (call it my sense of neatness prevailing). To do that, I need Cartograph and what amounts to satellite photography inside of a video game:

Day One:
Minecraft forest fire day one

Day Two:
Minecraft forest fire day two

Day Three:
Minecraft forest fire day three

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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