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Coming into the Season of Gifts, it is always worthwhile to put out a warning about scammers who target the unwary and the desperate, although my tale comes from an interesting source: The mail.

Being who and what I am, I have an excellently robust immune system against unsolicited Internet advertising and general bullshytt, but a scam mail that actually came in the mail is unique enough to catch and hold my jaded attention. A group named, in the vein of fish fingers that include “fish” as an ingredient, the Domain Renewal Group. I’m not going to link to their site, because it is readily available in any number of other “this group are scammers!” threads and posts.

So, Mark, why is the Domain Renewal Group scammers?

They look legit...right?

  1. Rates
    My domain host, myhost.ie charges a whopping €8.00 for one-year .com and .net renewals. Domain Renewal Group is offers comparatively reasonable €28.00 one-year and €45.00 two-year plans.
  2. Addresses
    Physical addresses. The letter has a return address to a post box in Auckland, New Zealand. The English address I’m being asked to send my credit card details to is a postal box on a London high street. Domain Renewal Group’s registered address is through another front for their network of companies. Their registered address is (shocker) a postal box located in a now-defunct UPS store in downtown Buffalo, New York.
  3. Google
    Google for any term related to this company and you will find a rich plethora of posts full of words and terms like “SCAMMERS!” and “THEY TOOK MY MONEY!!!”
  4. The domain…
    …isn’t actually up for renewal until March 2011. The blazoned “FINAL NOTICE!” on the letter is laughable.

And for all of this I still see people falling victim to their scam. Please, be careful. In this Season of Gifts and tough economic times, more people than ever are out to steal your money.

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