Cats and drugs

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I hope the day never comes that I find my cat on hash. As it is, when she’s hungry Killer will hop onto the nearest counter/desk/cupboard and start knocking stuff off until she’s fed. Woe is us if she doesn’t like the food. There’s nothing being woken up at 5am to the sight and sound of Killer headbutting new camera from my desk.

Bitch. In her defense, she posed beautifully for a photo on Tuesday:


I met Mike and Katie down at the Long Walk last night and spent about two hours shooting with them around the docks. I gave Mike learned instructions in the use of an IR filter and generally had a great time. Some cracking photos resulted, but I’ve had nary a chance to go through them yet. Fie. I shot the Statoil compound in paticular – I haven’t yet stitched the shots, so here’s one I made earlier. You can all make do with this for now:

Galway's dock at night

Vroom vroom smash
And finally, Mattie, whom I went to school with. I’m tired and pictures speak a thousand words, so:

Mattie Griffin at a Headford Road car park

About 1300 photos so far, gods above help me.

March 20

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Happy Dissonance

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