Human dross at the old Galway waterworks

in ireland

Oil tank

I stopped by the old waterworks on the Dyke Road while on my way home from a walk last Saturday. The light was bad-too bright and flat for any kind of interesting shooting-but if we we get a dull overcast or bright sunny light tomorrow I will go back. The waterworks are a fascinating place, all full of many interesting old and battered things to photograph and gawk at. There was a row of wonderful old and rusted tanks to one side of the building, and bits and pieces of washed up human detritus.

Baby chair

Sixteen days left until I move to the United States. Two weeks. I can’t believe it. It’s not just that 210 days of waiting will be over, but that there is a also a whole new empty chapter in my life that terrifies me.

Will I turn out like dad? I go above and beyond? I tell myself there’s no point in worrying, because I have already made my choices and I only have to see the consequences through to the end. Ah well. Want all, lose all.


in ireland

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