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Go Eircom – for sure, I consider them overpriced and possessed of quite possibly the worst customer service section I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to deal with, but when they do stuff like giving all of their broadband users a free up/down speed upgrade, I can’t help but feel a grudging little bit of like for them. The most signifigant part of their upgrade was for me the increase in up speed. In the recent past, I’ve found myself uploading a great deal more than I’ve been downloading – mostly either dispatching copies of my photos to friends or to hosting site. Not to mention the weekly episode of Battlestar Galactica, via Azureus and Bittorrent. More upspeed means more downspeed without my connection choking. Huzzah.

And of course, I come now to the point of this rant: Battlestar Galactica itself. Its no less than the finest sci-fi TV in the past few years. Okay, Firefly rightfully deserves that title, but the gorram TV executives cancelled it after just 14 episodes. Serenity is fantastic, but its more of a taster than the proper series it deserves.

But as always, I’m wandering off on a tangent. To get back to BSG, allow me to (badly) JMS: “It doesn’t matter if you have the finest scriptwriters in the world, or the greatest director, or the most expensive effects team, if your actors can’t make you believe that it is real.” And that seems to be what RDM has taken to heart. The scripts for the series and the plot devices used therein can sometimes be flakey as hell, but the acting has always been of the highest quality. What put me in mind to write this was the most recent episode of the season 2, “Epiphanies.” Toward the end of the episode, Laura Rosin wakes from a coma in which she had flashbacks to the day before the Cylon attack on Caprica. One of the things she saw in the flashbacks was Gaius Baltar fraternizing with someone now known to be a Cylon. As she woke, she saw Baltar standing over her. The fear and realization of his betrayal written on her face was priceless. Its not often that you see actors get so “into” their role on TV sci-fi that they make such use of body language, but there you have it.

I could probably sit here all night naming fine moments of acting from the new series, but I’ll just say instead that you should go and watch the bloody show.

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