Bury their paws in the stone

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This, for me, became a surprisingly powerful photo. In the midst of Galway there is a building which serves many people in many roles: It is a repository for contemporary artifacts, a dormitory, an art installation, shelter, a meeting ground, a dumping ground, an eyesore, a magnetic attraction, and enthralling and repulsive. And it’s just an abandoned service station at the end of my road.

As I sat on the broken glass bottles in the forecourt and stared at the graffiti’d walls, the idea grew on me that this was the sum result of all of our striving, relationships, human ingenuity, schemings and going-ons: Abandonment and ruin, until somebody comes along with a new idea and paves over this inadvertent monument to us all.

an abandoned service station on galway's headford road

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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