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I hereby declare 2.0 live after two weeks of hacking themes and galleries together. I was entirely inspired to reimage by Eric Scouten’s excellent website, although in the end I decided to stick with a WordPress base instead of Drupal.

I combined two existing WordPress themes, Hello 2007 by Fen and Simple La Bob by Bob, to create the new look, which I call (unsurprisingly) Dark Days, although I have heavily modified every aspect of each. After I update some of the other content on I will begin to work on making the entire code of the site portable for release under the Creative Commons because I’m fairly sure a photographer or two out there will enjoy a photo-friendly theme.

The other big element of my site was Simple Viewer, an embeddable flash gallery. The gallery was the hard part, as I was trying to marry together two separate programs that weren’t supposed to go together.

It was interesting, I learned a alot, and I hope to put it into practice more in future. For the sake of it, the tools and programs I used were:

Airtight Simple Viewer
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Mozilla Firefox (with FireFTP)
TextDrive TextMate
Fabian’s iTerm
Microsoft Wordpad

I go now to my rest.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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