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So I have evolved into a family photographer whose focus is candid outdoor photography. I eschew the studio, and scorn conventional angles and styles in favour of the novel and original. And, you know…It’s fun. I’ve (shockingly) discovered that I love working with children. Watching the smiles break out when they see my finished photos is a feel-good moment. Best of all, I’m making money!

But at the end of the day, I’m left to wonder if my photography is really any good, and whether it will stand the test of time. Ten years from now, will the family look back at these photos and say, ”wow, we had fun!” or ”wow, what the hell were we thinking?” Will I look back and ask myself those questions?

Closer, more immediate: Is this genuinely creative photography? Am I doing something bold and new? Am I creating art? Am I just taking some mediocre photos, slapping a filter on it in Lightroom, fixing the most obvious faults in Photoshop and uploading it to the web without another thought?

Am I short-selling my creativity in favour of kitsch?

Happy Dissonance

in me

March 20

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