How many degrees of separation, you say?

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One fact about Ireland that I’m at pains to stress is that, within a few degrees of separation, everyone on our fair isle knows virtually everyone else, especially within given communities. Idon’t feel that it’s a stretchto saythat most of the gaming (roleplaying/war games/ccg) community knows almost everyone else, at least by sight. I vividly remember being in Dublin or London over the yearsand meetingby chances a person whom I met at Gaelcon or Gencon.

My mum cranks, as they say, all of this up a notch. We could (hypothetically…of course) drop her out of a helicopter into a pack of ravenous African lions and, lo andbehold, she realizes that why aren’tyou thatbeautiful lioness I saw all those years ago in Dublin zoo? And sure how are the cubs? Great, fantastic! Would I like to come in an havea cuppa?Absolutely! And then they’d talk until the giraffes came home.

Twice now in Las Vegas, a full seven thousand, eight hundred and thirteen kilometre from Galway as the crow flies, have I encountered people who know mum. One in McMullans Irish pub when mum was visiting here, she met some norn fellows who knew her and behold, they talked for half an hour like old friend. Yesterday, I met the O’Connell from Clifden in county Galway, who are touring the whole west coast by car. After a financial windfall through work they decided to take off to the United States for the summer. The two parents in the family both knew mum by sight as they often eat at her workplace when they’re in Galway.

’tis a small world.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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