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I’ve been too busy whoring all my free time in Warcrack over the past month to update the site, at least until my guilty conscience successfully nagged me into completing the theme change (to a modified SimplicityBright) and putting out some new posts, to my audience of three.


…have moved house, to a much nicer home, in the same neighbourhood, but closer to Mariah’s family. A whole lot of unfortunate drama accompanied our move, involving several police calls, breaking and entry (legally and illegally) by both our former landlords and ourselves into our old house, property damage, threats. Interesting times. I’ll add a longer post later detailing this.

…have rehomed all three pitbull puppies, much to my sorrow as I really wanted to keep one.

…are now looking to rehouse Merry, my long-haired mongrel cat.

…are getting ready for both Mariah’s birthday at the end of the month and her trip to San Diego in November for her brother’s wedding.


…have found a new job away from the clinic, working for a very well-known travel company in their Financial Operations department. It’s work that I enjoy and I hope to stay here for a long time to come. I will say that I did enjoy working at Ann Road Animal Hospital, in my time there. The staff are a great bunch of people, I enjoyed the solitude of my work and watching the dawn on my way home in the morning. I didn’t enjoy the snappy little bastard Chihuahuas who boarded at the clinic.

…have been playing a lot of WoW, as stated above. I have a 40-something Warlock on Arthas and a level 28 Shaman on Duskwood. I’m PVPing, grinding levels and enjoying a lot of the changes that Wrath of the Lich King has brought into the game.


…is as awesome and crazy as always.

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