Halloween weekend…

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I, for lack of a better phrase, traumatized half of the fucking neighbourhood children on Friday night. The pants-wetting, hyterical-crying, horrible-nightmare kind of fucking trauma. Mariah was the Good Witch of the North, whereas I was a motherfucker (pardon my French) cloaked reaper who hid in the shadows and leaped out at poor children screaming and snatching at them. So I was bad. But the parents were worse, shoving their poor kids at me while laughing helplessly. We’re all bastards to be sure, but it made the night passable.

Saturday was spent trying to tidying the house, put decorations away and get Mariah’s new 43″ TV put in place and tuned (thank you Kenny <3) before she got home from work. Nothing much to say on this, move along, move along. Sunday was entirely wasted playing World of Warcraft. I got two new levels, gave Mariah a ton of gold and bought myself a shiny new hammer to beat things up with.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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