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We had cheeseburgers for breakfast and excellent dim sum for dinner yesterday, later followed by a lazy night of lolling listlessly on the couch helping newbies and taking a stab at two-boxing Uldaman. We wiped once because I’m a goober and got a surprisingly large amount of decent blue items before calling it a night. I think we’re done with instances for the time being; I’ve been dragging Mariah through quite a few of them in the face of her dislike of these dark and dangerous yet dull dungeon descents.

Honest, we will go grind quests tonight, on my honour.

We talked about politics at Orchid’s Garden. Shit. I know I’m getting old when I deign to pay attention to any politics beyond key issues such as Is Bush Out Of Office Yet? I consider myself not so much a Libertian as I do a Please Stop Annoying Me (PSAM? Closet anarchist?). Who knows? I believe that G’kar’s statement regarding the nature of the universe eternally holds true:

“The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements. Energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest.”

And just maybe in my darker moments I might admitting to subscribe to the concept of enlightened self-interest. What’s wrong with pursuing your own interests if your work also benefits the many?

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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