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I’ve been told by some that the last post doesn’t count.


I hate talking about myself on my blog, which is ironic. I’ve always considered it too easy to turn your blog into a self-aggrandizing or self-justifying platform. When you’re a small blog like mine whose regular readership I can literally count on two hands it becomes an even more pathetic act…and it’s not beyond the reach reasonable assumption that I’m doing just this right now:

Nothing in this universe is perfect or permanent. One of the most beautiful objects in the sky, the Pillars of Creation within the Eagle Nebula was ultimately created by – and is believe to have been destroyed by – a supernova, an explosion of such raw power that it is almost incomprehensible. And what causes a supernova? A star running out of fuel and dying.

Nothing can be perfect, and yet it can be beautiful still.

My marriage wasn’t brought about (rarely, for an Irishman!) by an explosion-related death, but it is still an imperfect creation by imperfect people. We fight, we mis-communicate, we deliberately misconstrue each other, we sulk and we ignore each other, but we still wake up each morning as a couple and muddle our way through another day hack our way through another day with dull and blood-soaked machetes. My real shock is that we don’t wake up each morning screaming through the shock of realization that it wasn’t a dream.

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