(New) Vistas of Azeroth

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Booty Bay, Mark 2

Lets give this another try.

A while back I posted a series of screenshots under the title Vistas of Azeroth (you can download them here) and decided to rest on my laurels after churning out twenty-four pieces. And, you know, they went down very well with WoW players, to the point that I know even Blizzard saw them.

I was completely happy with this until I followed the other link to Nebdaar’s panoramas and was immediately blown out of the water at the first sight of his amazing compositions. He matches technical perfection and artistic talent in a way that puts me utterly to shame, I’m afraid to say.

And fair play to him for doing it. Nebdaar honestly sets a standard that (I feel) I have to match


Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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