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Church of Ireland building, Clifden

My day ended with delicious BBQ skewers. Yum.

The rest of yesterday and today involved around busing hither and thither around the country. In Dublin I picked up this Manfrotto tripod and head on an extended ‘try before you buy.’ The combination is seriously delicious. Over Christmas and the new year I used Frank’s Manfrotto, which I promptly fell in love with. It gave a level of stability and control that put my tiny Slik tripod to shame. So, (loaner) upgrade time.

Today I slogged around Clifden for ~six hours to both hunt for work and take photographs, as you can see above. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, but I overlooked the existence of Clifden Castle out on the Sky Road, and wound up slogging down the Beach Road to an underwhelming beach.

Expect photos over the next few days on the main site.

Happy Dissonance

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March 20

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