Rain, glorious rain!

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Las Vegas is having its first real gloomy, wet weather since the end of last April and I should be happier: This is the kind of glorious wet weather that I’ve missed from home, but I don’t get to enjoy it because of the numerous fuckhead drivers who treat rain as an abberation and just ignore it. The city turns in GTA: Las Vegas for two days. Burnt-out cars piled at roadway intersections. Charred corpses strewn heedlessly in roadside gutters. Spectacular slides and skids and crashes.

And arseholes who drive with no headlights on at five o’clock on a dark and wet morning. Its truly frightening.


Mariah and Caira came home from San Diego last night, tired but happy. There wasn’t nearly enough chocolate brought back, but they found some excellent brown bread as appeasment. Expect photos soon.

And lastly, Merry has gone to an excellent new family who love him, but I’m still going to miss the man-whore.

i know we will, and i think he’s going to do some real good for [my daughter], she gets lonely, it will be nice for her to have a companion. its good for her self esteem as well since he follows her everywhere. [My daughter] came from a bad home and abusive circumstances, so she needs all the bonding and affection she can get, i think Merry will be a major part of the remedy, you’ve done her more favors than you know

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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