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I installed [[Ubuntu_Linux|Linux]] – on a laptop no less – and Everything Worked. Everything fucking worked, good as gold, nice as can be.

Everything. Fucking. Worked.

Sound? Check!
Graphics? Check!
Sleep/suspend? Check!
Wifi? Check!

Observe, one hour after installation:

It worked. It all worked!

Gobsmacking aside, I’m really very impressed at how far (certain) Linux distributions have come in terms of polish and accessibility. When I last seriously played with Linux, under Gentoo, you had to pick one or the other unless you were a bored hacker with even more time than a stockroom worker in a retail store.

Fair play, Ubuntu!

Wait, laptop?


[[Acer Aspire One|Behold!]]

Thank you Mariah for the best birthday present. Ever.

March 20

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