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Signs of the time include me listening to loud music and sipping an ice-cool Monster energy drink while doing something as wantonly useless as politely answering really stupid newbie questions on a Linux forum. I project that as this rate I will be found snorting lines of coke off a whore’s ass within the next week.

Mmm…ass candy.

Mariah, her mum, Caira and the boy-foetus have all left for the rolling green hills of Missouri for a month, in order to dispose of Mairah’s deceased grandmother’s wordly goods. But, you know, I heard Beth muttering something about ”trailers…hired hands,” so I’m unquestionably certain concerned that they’ll return sometime in June with a horse trailer full of junk. Ah well.

Until (if) that comes about I’m left to lay around the house, play World of Warcraft on the 37” television, blog, write, bullshit with friends online and search for work in my rare free moments. Wait a moment.

if wife

Mariah, you should know that I am spending every waking and sleeping searching for work. Sleeping? Yes, I’ve set up my netbook so that I can type cover letters while deep in the throes of [[rem_sleep|R.E.M. sleep]]. I’m terrified that those cover letters might reveal my deep-rooted Oedius complex to potential employers, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I swear to you that by the time you get back to Las Vegas I will be high-flying executive. I will have a massive payroll, a private jet, a ninjutsu-trained nanny for Caira, a masseuse for thyself, and a gaggle of pretty, bobbleheaded assistants hanging on my every word.

We will be a corporate family, and we will be happy.


Mostly I’m mostly running heroics, doing the odd daily, helping out lowbie guild members/alts a lot and quietly working up my gear and my courage until I can try Naxx-10. I’m terrified of trying the Arena because I am getting my ass handed to me so badly in world PVP. Tashrak isn’t (too) badly geared, but he’s simply not up to the level of beating down on other players who are wearing full suits of shiny epics: Clicky for his profile


In my search for work I’ve had moments that aren’t so much only in Vegas as they are only to Mark. I’ve been desperately trying to avoid the retail grind just because I’ve already done it for ten years back in Ireland and also because I feel that I’m capable of more. So to that end I had an interview yesterday with a notable perfume and candle reseller who is way up in North Las Vegas. Seeing one pretty little lady after another walk in for interviews was disheartening (Jesus, have you ever fucking seen me?! I wouldn’t trust that scruffy rapscallion, I’ll tell you that for free) until I had my own turn and found out that the owner:

Loves cats
Employs a staff who are MMOG junkies
Is a photographer himself

Interesting, random, I’ll give him that. I still have some remote hope that I’ll get a callback from them. If not…ah well, back to Craigslist I go.

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