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Or self-censoring?

I’ve been going through everything of mine recently – my own website, my Flickr, my other online and offline records, logs and other random crap – and pruning them. Deleting the pure trash, tidying what wasn’t and otherwise auditing almost the only records of my own life for the past few years. Hopefully it’s sanitized enough for the kids to come because Mariah and I are in the first generation that can be easily searched out on the internet. Want to know what dad did in his younger days? Open a browser, put my name in and otherwise giggle in naughty titillation at what you find. Or not. Be horrified! I’ll do my own part by saying HEY KIDS DID YOU KNOW YOUR MOM AND I HAD SEX? Oh yeah, Caira, I can see your eyes watering now.

Yeah, I’m a bastard.

March 20

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