Drawing Caira

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One place Mariah brought me to in San Diego last September was Seaport Village, down at the Embarcadero. It really is a lovely place to visit in rain, hail or shine, even if some of the shop prices can be…steep. There’s a beautiful park, wonderful sea air, a frakking aircraft carrier and many other Wonderful Things. Score one for San Diego. A man in the park asked if he could draw a sketch of Caira for us – and at this point I will say that I bitterly rue not paying more attention to the process, as I got hopelessly distracted by the many wonderful pigeons that were present in the park.

At any rate, I still managed a few photos which I’ve been wanting to get online for a while now. The chore of digging through all of my photos on my external hard disk is time-consuming and slow at the best of times, but my camera dying has given me the perfect opportunity to do so:

Park artist sketching Caira
Park artist sketching Caira
Park artist sketching Caira

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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