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MOC, Music on Console, has been my MP3 player of choice for the last seven or eight years, almost since its first alpha release. It is light, flexible, easy to use, extensible (through shell scripts and pipes), and offers a search feature is the real winner for me. Don’t want to look at it? No worries. Start MOC in the background as a daemon and pipe information on the currently playing track into Conky.

[mark][~] # mocp -Q %song
Under The Milky Way

But how do you change tracks? Keyboard shortcuts. No annoying dock presence. No fiddly, slow GUI. Below is my one of my Openbox bindings; hit Ctrl+Alt+n to skip forward to the next track:

<keybind key="C-A-n">
  <action name="Execute">
    <execute>mocp -f</execute>

MOC Just Works.©


Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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