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I could probably fill a whole book on spacing out if I put my mind to it…assuming that I didn’t get distracted by

Oh. Hi.

I can’t remember the last time I really felt entirely awake, alert and refreshed. I go to sleep tired and wake up feeling hungover – headache, sore neck, dizziness, disorientation and mild nausea. It usually takes me another hour to really wake up. Even after that I’m dazed. I meander through my day barely keeping track of anything around me or what I am doing. I feel like my natural state is a mental “zero”, a total state of non-thinking, non-focus. Doing anything takes an epic effort of exertion.

The blog’s helped with it. By writing as I work, I’m better able to concentrate on my task on hand. By blogging about blogging I help myself get into the mindset for doing work, whether it is bash shell or otherwise.

Heh. I think one of the first nicknames I ever in my life picked up was “Spaceman Grealish”, because of my persistent interest in space. How apt.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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