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Must blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog.

It is very amusing, sort of ridiculous and definitely humbling that I have to blog about blogging so as to focus my attention on blogging. So right now I have a few blog posts/projects in the offing: A bit.ly shortener, a completion of my MPD/Icecast/iPod mess, and a frothing fanboi rant about my iPod.

Mark’s Razor: Simplest post wins.

Teh iPod!!!!1one

I am no longer an ebook virgin; last night I sat down with a copy of Beyond the Blue Event Horizon by Frederick Pohl on my iPod (courtesy of Stanza and Calibre. Even considering that the formatting was all gone to shit because I converted from .txt -> .epub, it was surprisingly readable. The small size of the iPod let me read comfortably from several angles I’d never been able to manage with a paper book. The text was crisp, the brightness was fully controllable and the music courtesy of some of my iPod’s other functions was appreciated.

This pleasing development has me worried: Do I have to now go and convert my entire. Freaking. 1.5gb. Ebook. collection to .epub? Erp.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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