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My concentration is like a paper-thin spun-crystal vase: The slightest quake, quiver, nudge, upset or gust of wind and it is shattered into a million pieces. The easiest way to keep my concentration is to mentally empty my head out, Zen-like, and just write. Close the Facebook. Gag the Twits. Stop talking Pidgin willy-nilly. Preempt the headache with some Ibuprofen. Drink a can of Red Bull. Pipe me some good music through mocp.

Shutdown, shut up, transcribe.

Over the last few days I’ve tucked into the topic of webcams, and webcam, for (Ubuntu, although I may move to Suse) Linux, under the aegis of providing a useful security system/creative medium for 091 Labs. My experiments culminated last night with me recording simultaneous streams from two webcams into timelapse videos, and later on in the even mastering the FTP-uploading that webcam offers, with integrated Dropbox archiving of older images. I think the entire system I have is extremely ad-hoc. My system easily conforms the hacker-ethic in that sense; it is ugly and it requires forethought to use (never mind use effectively!), but I can say I have achieved my goals in the process. It was a fun and very educational three-day diversion that I look forward to sharing with and expanding upon with the other members of 091 Labs over tomorrow’s hackathon and the coming weeks ahead.


If I’ll see you at 091 Labs, throw me any questions there; I’m always happy to answer them. If I won’t see you in person just drop a comment here. Here’s parting eye-candy from last night’s 3am grind:

Timelapse capture Linux
Timelapse view iPod


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