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Woke at 2pm feeling like wrung-out tea towel soaked in shit. Read (finished The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven) until 3pm and change. Showered. Had breakfastdinner at 4pm. Ella arrived, 5pm. Took Ella for a long walk. Dropped in on 091 Labs, where I fixed the webcam. Came home. Hung washing on line. Helped mum get Ella settled and down for bed. Got Ella up when she freaked out. Let her watch videos. Put her back to bed. Blogged.


I’m done with the whole webcam project (for now; I’ve left plenty to return to), and so I’m out soliciting ideas for my next project. Hard disk encryption? Tor? Web-service integration? What? Something. Anything.


Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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